In the practice of law, minutia is king. A misspelled word, a missing comma, any error can result in the loss of weeks, months, or even years of hard work. In an industry where small details are vital, it is imperative that all legal documents are translated correctly, not only in word for word content, but also in intention and meaning. The challenges of accuracy in legal documents are increased dramatically when said documents are translated into a foreign language, and the danger of small details being lost in translation can be very high. In order to mitigate the risks, United Languages provides our clients with Thai legal translation services backed by years of expertise and experience.

Our legal document translations are of the highest quality, no matter the type of legal document being translated. Whether it is a business contract, a marriage certificate, a birth certificate, or a deed to a property, our clients can rest assured that all of our legal translations will be clear, accurate, and up to the highest legal standards. Our legal translations are not only limited to personal and civil documents, we are also experienced with criminal documents including court orders, subpoenas, and trail transcripts.