In any major company, human resources (HR) is responsible for managing the lifecycle of an employee and for maintaining internal harmony of staff and management. By creating and developing policies, rules and regulations, HR professionals set the tone for a business’ corporate culture. When bringing that business to a foreign country, what was commonplace or acceptable before, may not be in the new country, which is where accurate human resources translation performs a pivotal function, in smoothing out the transition.

At United Languages, we provide the highest quality HR translation into Thai, with a skilled team of expert translators. Our human resource document translation accurately conveys content, tone and meaning, to allow all employees to understand exactly what is expected of them, within your corporate culture. We handle all HR documentation, including company rules and regulations, employee manuals and handbooks, employee complaints, protocol documents, employee contracts, recruitment process documents, performance appraisals, on-boarding procedure documents, and the like, to help you establish and maintain your HR standards, in Thailand.

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