In any major company, human resources is responsible for the internal harmony of staff and management. By creating and developing policies, rules, and regulations, HR professionals set the tone of a company’s daily work life for its employees. However, when bringing a business to a foreign country, there is the possibility a lot of cultural context can be lost in translation. What may be common place or acceptable in one country, may not be in another. Therefore, the need for accurate human resource translation is paramount when bringing a business to a new country.

At United Languages, we offer Thai HR translation of the highest quality. Using a skilled team of expert translators, we strive to provide our clients with human resource documents that are accurately translated not only in a word to word sense, but also in tone and meaning, making sure that all employees understand exactly what is expected of them.

HR document translation is not limited to a company’s rules and regulations, although employee manuals and handbooks are very important. Rather, human resource translation can also include employee complaints, protocol documents, employee contracts, recruitment process documents, performance appraisals, on boarding procedure documents, and others of this type. By utilizing our services, your business can be secure in the knowledge that your employees will have the knowledge they need to perform at the highest level.