Video games, once looked down on as a niche hobby for children and teenagers, have grown into a multibillion dollar industry that spans the globe. With each country comes a new market, a new opportunity to expand a game company’s reach, to expand its customer base. While the games of the past could largely be played without instruction, requiring nothing more than movement and jump controls, today’s AAA games have evolved beyond that, incorporating deep plots and complex gameplay mechanics designed to bring people’s dreams to life. As such, the need for gaming translation and localization is at an all-time high.

At United Languages, our team of expert translators have extensive experience in translating games for the Thai gaming market. However, when engaged in gaming translation, translation is not the only element to take into account. Localization, the act of adapting a game for different countries in terms of culture, is just as important as word for word translation. Our translators are highly skilled at taking a game and adjusting content in the script for maximum enjoyment by the Thai market, as well as avoiding potential content that could be viewed as offensive in Thailand. This includes all types of games such as MMOs, MOBAs, RTS, and FPS for consoles, mobile platforms, and PCs. We also offer translation for casinos and other gambling services.

After engaging our services, your gaming documents will be fully ready to be released to the Thai market. This includes not only the game script and manual, but also the user interface, terms and conditions for play, as well as any marketing content associated with the game.