Reliable Proofreading Procedures

United Languages provides reliable Thai proofreading for both translations done by us and by other parties. All documents translated by a United Languages linguist automatically get a discount rate for proofreading services.

What do we mean by proofreading and copy-editing in terms of translation? Proofreading is when a second translator goes over the target text (in most cases, the translated document) to make sure it matches the source text in both meaning and tone. Copy-editing is the process of verifying a document’s grammar and spelling.

This service is as crucial as the translation because in the end translators are still only human and despite how much experience the translator has, he or she will still be prone to human errors. It is a well-known fact that having a document proofread by a second linguist is always better than the first linguist who translated the document.

Here is where we differ, where other agencies are likely to charge separately for editing and proofreading by 2 linguists, we combine these two services into one saving you cost and time by half!

Our reliable proofreading procedures are provided for all standard translation packages we offer. To ensure the utmost accuracy, the first and second translators interact and collaborate during the proofreading and copy-editing process. To top it off the project manager of the language pair is also native to the target language and so your document is proofread by another person free of charge!